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ZOMB Server Funding

ZOMB Torrents is funded by the kind members of this community. All funding goes towards the monthly server bills, bandwidth, upgrades, and any other bills that the site encounters. Members who help will have a gold star show next to their name on most pages.

Click on a donate button below (you can choose to pay the processing fees for us or choose to have our site incur the fees. All payments are secure! Our website will not see any of your payment information, other then your email address and amount you donated!:
300 Gig Ratio Boost!
120 Gig Ratio Boost!
60 Gig Ratio Boost!
30 Gig Ratio Boost!
15 Gig Ratio Boost!

ZOMB has new artwork hot off the presses. These are just snippets of the desktop artwork available. You will receive the full image after making your purchase!

Click the Amazon Payment image button below to purchase the desktop offered for that level.
Viva La ZOMB Platinum $100
Viva La ZOMB Gold $40
Viva La ZOMB Silver $20
Viva La ZOMB Bronze $10
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