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These files are usually movies or TVshows, or a host of other types of media. They can be viewed using various media players, but I suggest using VLC media player, Windows Media Player, Zoomplayer or BSPlayer. Unless you are using VideoLAN, you will need to make sure you have the right codecs to play each individual file. VideoLAN has built in codecs to enable it play files without the need for additional codecs to be installed, but it can be good practice to keep up to date. Codecs are a tricky business sometimes so to help you out with your file and what exact codecs it needs try using GSpot. It tells you what codecs you need. Then just look on the net to find them, below are some common codecs and their download links for quick reference:

ffdshow (Recommended! (plays many formats: XviD, DivX, 3ivX, mpeg-4))
XviD codec
DivX codec
ac3filter (for AC3 DVD Surround, aka "5.1")

Can't find what you're looking for or need more specific help? Check out the following websites...



These can be a pain on some peoples setups, but more so, on your stand-alone DVD player. For all your vcd needs check out www.videohelp.com. These guys know their stuff, and can help you with all kinds of media related questions.


.SHN is the extension for the Shorten format, which is a lossless audio format used to compress .wav files. Windows users can use SHNTOOL or the Batch Encoder and mkwACT to convert files to wav or SHNAMP for Winamp 2.x,3.x, and 5.x. Linux users can use SHNTOOL to convert to .wav and XMMS to listen. MAC users can use SHORTEN for MAC and Shorten Plugin for Mac AMP Lite.


All info for the FREE LOSSLESS AUDIO CODEC (FLAC) can be found at flac.sourceforge.net. The program Foobar 2000 is probably the best.

.APE .APE files are files created with Monkey's audio compressor. These files can be played using programs like Winampor Foobar 2000. Other media players will also play the files, as long as you have the codec installed. The codec and additional information can be found at Monkey's Audio homepage.