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What Is ZOMB Torrents?

ZOMB Torrents is a free live music sharing and trading community for Lossless Audio CD and DVD video. Registrations are open to the public, but we reserve the right to grant you an account.

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What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol for distributing files. It uses the upstream bandwidth of every peer to increase the effectiveness of the distribution. The faster you upload to your peers, the faster you will be able to download. For more details about BitTorrent, see the FAQ. First you must install a BitTorrent client. There are many to choose from: BitTornado, and the multi-torrent frontends which is the easiest to use is µTorrent. For the MAC OS X we promote the Transmission Client.


The BitTorrent protocol can work behind a firewall but unless your BitTorrent ports are open, only a portion of the other clients can connect to you. You cannot connect with a high amount of peers and as a result, your downloads will be much slower. By default the ports BitTorrent clients use are 6881-6889, but you may be using different ports, depending on how you have your BitTorrent client configured. Make sure to open or forward ports 6881-6889 (or whichever ports you are using for the client) on your local firewall or router.

If you are currently downloading one of the torrents from this site, you can view if you are firewalled and non-connectable by viewing the statusbar, right after the username and logoff option. Or if you go to the Details page for the torrent (by clicking the torrent title), you can view the peer list by clicking on the Peers [See full list] link. Look for your username, which will appear highlighted. Under the "Connectable" column if you are marked with "No", then you are firewalled. If "Yes" appears, you are not. If it turns out you are firewalled, you should make every effort to forward the ports, as listed above.